Employees invest a lot of energy in manual and repetitive work. Over 40% of respondents to a recent survey said they spend at least a quarter of their work week on manual, repetitive tasks. Furthermore, almost 60% of employees estimated they would spare no less than six hours every week if these parts of their jobs were automated. Those same employees additionally observe the potential advantages of automation.

69% think automation will lessen time wasted on repetitive work, and 66% say automation will help eliminate human error. More than 75% of respondents say automation will free up time for more interesting, valuable assignments work they are eager to tackle. Businesses require a strategic plan to execute automation that replaces manual and repetitive tasks and opens time for more important and creative work. But, from where to begin?

Instead of waiting for advances in artificial intelligence to settle for this, organizations can take action now in 3 particular areas: data collection, approvals processes, and update requests.

Automate Data Collection: At the point when asked which tasks they might want to see automates, 55% of employees said data collection, 52% said collecting and tracking data, and 51% said data entry or filling out forms. Automating data collection not only spares time of employees, as well as eliminates the human errors in manual data collection and information section, and minimize risk while managing data in scale. jiPanel provides employees a strategy to gather error-free, consistent, and sorted out information from anybody via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Workers can rapidly and effortlessly make and modify shapes utilizing a basic yet capable form builder. Any captured data is then saved in an organized and inherently shareable format, which means workers can without much of a stretch review and analyze information and make quick move.

Automate Approvals: Obtaining approvals, whether for a budget line item or requesting time off, is another procedure that employees are eager to automate. 36% of those asked wish they could automate getting sign-off or approval, and 30% would want to automate follow-up on their requests. When searching for an instrument to automate approvals, look for solutions with simple rules that any representatives can use, without needing to compose code and use complex formulas.

jiPanel enable employees to effectively build automated approval processes that are activated in view of preset guidelines, which means they automatically send an approval request to a manager or client. Approvers can without much of a stretch field and approve the request from any device, to keep the procedure moving forward.

Automate Updates to Increase Team Output: Another repetitive task that employees are providing status updates to managers. Since they invest a considerable measure of energy keeping people up to speed, 32% of respondents need to automate status updates. This lets them effectively keep everybody up to date, without the unnecessary distraction that originates from continually popping in and out of email. With jiPanel, workers can without much of a stretch set up automated updates to prompt users for updates in order to keep moving forward.

As opposed to bottlenecking projects because of a deferred status update, automated updates trigger requests to the right people, at the correct time, in light of preset rules.

This is the ideal opportunity for organizations to automate work processes and free up employees to focus around more valuable and creative work. Your employees can produce innovative and high ROI tasks if you add almost a whole day once more into their week. An overwhelming majority of workers 97% believe that automation can benefit their organization. Get in touch with us to know more about jiPanel.