"I require this ASAP." "Would you be able to begin on this ASAP?" "We should meet ASAP." You have heard time is money. So this thought of attaching ASAP to the finish of each request is our method for saving time. Everybody needs everything, urgently. Yet, in the event that everything is urgent, at that point nothing is extremely urgent, right? With this ASAP mentality, we are creating a situation of hectic hustle and bustle; pulling our hair outreaching to achieve deadlines, make meetings, be productive, innovative, creative and over it all advance our own personal career goals.

And this problem is only getting worse. As time is not an unlimited resource, we have to quit organizing speed over quality and sacrificing our downtime. Other than the fact that we utilize it to depict a feeling of urgency and more basic than every other undertaking, the importance of the term is totally subjective. ASAP to the individual giving the request can mean something totally different to the individual accepting the request.

So, let's shift over to the signs and signals that the ASAP mentality is taking over your workforce.

Destroys Productivity: Stopping a task dead in its track to begin another ASAP task totally crushes the momentum and efficiency you have made on the first task. Switching between tasks actually takes you up to 40% longer to finish than if you somehow managed to handle them separately. Tackle one task at a time. On the off chance that there is one task that comes up spontaneously, be clear and impart that you are as of now taking a shot at an alternate task.

At that point, your manager should tell you whether to set that first task aside and focus on the critical one or finish the assignment you are working on before changing to the critical one.

Reduces Quality: When you are looking at finishing something as quickly as possible, it is nearly ensured that you will be sacrificing quality to complete it on time. At the point when that happens, the chances of making edits and put in more rework increases, and you find yourself spending the same amount of time working on it. Do not let urgency overshadow the quality of work.

On the off chance that something will take somewhat longer to get right, clients are normally more than willing to wait longer for good work than getting something that does not live up to their expectations.

Loses Trust: Utilizing ASAP is a certain approach to lose the trust of everybody in your team. Dishing out subjective due dates and making pointless pressure sets your team to fail and you will discover them quickly resenting you for it. Rather, focus on building trust by holding regular one-on-ones and have an open conversation about high-priority objectives. On the off chance that a sudden, basic requirement comes in, relieve their burden by transferring a portion of their tasks to other colleagues.

Affects Confidence: Confidence is highly affected when somebody tells you to complete something ASAP. Using ASAP as an approach to mark something as imperative is really just saying, "on the off chance that you cannot get this to me now, then you are useless." How's that for killing confidence? Instead, take a stab at saying something like, "This task is important, what else are you working on so we can shift some priorities?" Along these lines, you are not setting all responsibility to shuffle things around on the person.

Plans: Plans go out the window when an ASAP task comes in. At the point when the ASAP task is pushed to the top of the to-do list, all other important tasks get pushed to the bottom. Also, what might be ASAP to one individual, won't be to another. So work on assigning deadlines to ASAP tasks. A deadline is more objective when there is a tangible date tied to its completion.

If you consider yourself as somebody who turns everything into ASAP, at that point you should need to reconsider your strategy. Sacrificing the confidence and trust of your team, other deadlines, efficiency, and nature of work is not justified regardless of the time spared by finding the speediest method to bump something to the top of the to-do list. Reconsider your mentality, and you will discover a surge of momentum and a whole lot of wiggle room.