As your rate of development improves, you can not bear to wait days or even hours for somebody to extricate the correct information and get it into the correct format to give you a chance to catch the correct openings. That is the truth of working and managing projects manually. There is a superior way. With jiPANEL, you get the correct data tracked and exhibited progressively so you can make the course rectifications that prompt repeatable and profitable growth.

Real-Time Dashboards: jiPANEL utilizes dashboards to keep you updated every day. Dashboards can be configured by role, to give your clients the data they need to rapidly settle on choices in their area of impact. Inside a dashboard, you can see a series of performance cards that display key metrics for your business. You can drill down on performance cards to see the numbers behind the summary.

Dashboards also include reports, charts, and approvals that you can penetrate down on, so the minute that you sign in you are up-to-date on what is happening in your business. You can likewise set up dashboard elements that show outer website pages, for example, a login page to an integrated HR application.

Better and Faster Decisions: Try not to let excel sheets back you off. jiPANEL's robust project management tool, alongside constant dashboard measurements, lets you design and keep up your development path with certainty. When you are prepared to do the switch, the specialists at jiWebTech are ready to help. You can depend on our ability to actualize a technology solution that supports your business today and as you develop. Reach us to get started.

Easy and Efficient Reporting: jiPANEL's report focus assembles all your reports into one place. You do not need to go looking different modules for the reports you need. You can see memorized reports, where you have preset filter options for quick use. Planned reports can run and be conveyed on a schedule you set. From here, you can make new reports, copy and change existing reports, or just customize existing reports.

Deeper Dimensional Reporting: You may have ended up sending excel sheet data with the goal that you can filter it and compute operational data. With jiPANEL's reporting, you can filter and break out information by an assortment of business drivers. You can look at profit and loss by area, by income, or by an employee. You can even report by multiple dimensions to get to the complex metrics that drive your growth.

Configurable Reports: Numerous systems expect you to connect with IT or consultants to make new or customized reports. With jiPANEL's report writer, you are responsible for what gets included and how a report looks. You pick what goes into the rows and columns, make figurings where you require them, and set the hierarchy that controls details and summaries.