Rarely do we have the advantage of total focus. There always appear to be distractions and intrusions. Indeed, working life today regularly expects representatives to switch between tasks. Science discloses to us that task switching is inefficient, however, then science never needed to complete the CEO’s draft, plan for a 2:00 meeting and respond to emails all at the same time. So how is your group expected to effectively remain on task if they are constantly pulled off from one assignment to do another and another?

Can Managers Reduce the Risk of Task Switching?

The short answer is yes, yet it takes work from managers and the entire team to constrain the effect of task switching. Developers and coders are the most intensely mindful of the perils of task switching. They have discovered that interruptions are the enemy of deep, concentrated thinking, particularly when it comes to coding. Fortunately, there is an approach to manage tasks that can control the erosion of efficiency.

Assign Tasks Correctly: On the off chance that you have given a task to a team member who is not prepared to take it on, you are adding to the issue. At the point when that colleague looks for help, that is an interruption to them and to whoever they are looking for guidance from. More terrible, the delay in finishing that assignment can block other team members who have dependent tasks.

This makes a snowball effect that can defer or even crash a project.

Use Task Management Software: Having task lists, simple approaches to assign tasks and tools for checking progress are all essential for preventing teams from task switching, along these lines boosting productivity on a project. With a task management software, you can likewise prevent too much task switching by linking tasks that are dependent. With the right tools and buy-in from your group, you can make task switching a thing of past times.

Work on One Task at a Time: It appears obvious, and it is. It additionally appears to be impossible, as you are consistently bombarded with multiple tasks. However, if you can focus on one at a time, your efficiency enhances, which gives you more time to take a shot at the others. A task list can help in this situation, as it gathers every one of your tasks and enables you to organize.

Assign Responsibility for Dealing With Interruptions: As much as you attempt to keep the interruptions, they will happen. One approach to lessen their effect on team efficiency is by assigning a point person who is in charge of responding to changes. Rotate the team member capable to address these interruptions, yet additionally, ensure that the person assigned to react has the ability to react successfully.

jiPanel is an effective project management software that provides task management tools and real-time information to reduce the effect of task switching on the efficiency of a project. You can monitor the progress of your team and note task dependencies to help get your group in the flow that prompts an efficient and successful project.