Are you stressed out because of the workload at your office? Or you feel that you don’t get enough time to complete the assigned tasks? Not a big deal. You are not the only one going through this problem. As per a recent survey, it was recorded that around 68% employees feel time shortage while completing their tasks.

Reaching the root cause

The real reason for this problem is not the time shortage or burden of work, it is the way we manage, analyze, and handle the tasks. The way we tackle our assigned work, the way we stay away from the time-wasters simply defines the productivity of our company. There are certain minor mistakes which we commit on a daily basis and are actually unnoticed by all of us.

Only a sincere hard work will not end up in growth, there are certain things to be considered for reaching the desired heights. We have a brief questionnaire for you which answers all your queries and will definitely lead you towards better growth.

1. Tired of continuous social media usage?

While the employees are up with their assigned tasks, 80% of them have minimized tabs of their Facebook accounts opened, or other social media platform. No doubt, these platforms are a good source of communication with the world, but using it at your workplace is a wrong idea.

Solution: Get social media blocked for your employees during their working hours. In case your company sometimes demands access, then limit up to the timings for its usage and define a fixed time during which they can access their accounts.

2. Can multi-tasking be harmful to employees?

Simultaneously working on multiple tasks, switching from first to second, and then back. Instead of saving your time it turns up complicating the things and gives an invitation to errors.

Solution: Despite having a burden of multiple tasks, carry out each task individually, concentrate on it and complete it thoroughly. Once you are done, switch to another and so on. It seems time-consuming, but it's not.

3. Will saying a YES cost you high?

Everyone who comes to assign you a task, you just can’t take all of them to please them or to build up your speed. Accepting all of them can get you a reverse fall with no gain in productivity.

Solution: Be straight-forward and clearly tell the person who comes to you that you already have tasks in the queue and it won’t be possible for today. That’s it. Obviously sitting for long hours in the office won’t benefit you.

4. Meeting and again meeting?

Gathering employees every now and then for a meeting is not a good idea. Leaving the projects, disrupting the tasks, and going to attend a meeting is just not it. It is going to distract the employees and obviously waste their and your time.

Solution: Have a discussion with the management team, make a proper pre-planning and arrange minimum possible meetings like once a week, or so. This will definitely increase the productivity of your business.

5. Refreshing your inbox

Most of the employees keep on checking their emails after a while. They just get habitual to it and keep on refreshing their inbox. This is not going to take you anywhere but just kill your time.

Solution: Fix a particular period of time during which you will view all the emails received in your inbox. This will save your time and even keep a check on the received emails.

Try implementing these minor things in your company and you yourself will see the results. Engaging the employees in the right direction is in your hands now. Mould them the way you wish to!