A project status report is a way of communicating between the producer and the project manager. It helps to inform the clients, team members and stakeholders about the current status of the project. It offers assistance to the project manager to make decisions regarding the completion of the project and in defining the deadlines of the current task. This helps the client to feel happier and contended.

But sometimes the format used to display the project status report overwhelms the team and client and often annoys them. Thus the whole hard work is wasted. Therefore it is very essential to look for the ways that help you in making an imperative project status report. An ideal report includes critical elements of the project, optional elements and many more. It also highlights the elements that need to be avoided while creating a status report.

The Benefit of Creating Project Status Report

With the help of project status report, one can be able to:

  1. Understand the business-critical efforts.
  2. Business progress.
  3. The risk associated with a single project.
  4. Understand issues.
  5. Diminish the risk of failure.
  6. Achieve Targeted Goal. 

How To Prepare An Ideal Project Status Report

Creating a project report in the right way also helps the client in understanding the status of the project and gives them confidence that they have handed a task in the right hand. This increases your business credibility and ensures client stability for the future.

Prepare a draft: The first important thing that is required to prepare a status report is to prepare a rough draft. It includes everything that you know about the project and put them within a set template. It allows you to understand things and to revise the things done till yet. Thus a draft is a rough picture of the project status report that contains all the information without any edits and formats.

Edit the draft: Next comes the editing of information you entered in the draft. Here you need to be sure that the status report is accurate and transparent. You need to be alert while editing a status report because a single error in the report depicts your careless attitude. Before final submission, double check the client name, project name, project health, and upcoming tasks. Avoid using complex language, grammatical errors, overloaded information while preparing the final report.

Send the report: Once you ensure that your project status is correct to make it ready to forward it to the client. Make use of thoughtful notes to make it more attractive. Use an effective way like email, slack, basecamp, team week etc to send a status report. Avoid using multiple mediums to reduce your task burden.

Avail confirmation: After you send the status report make sure that the team and the client are accountable to read it. It is your duty to follow up and to enforce accountability. Make sure that the audience of your report reads it within 24 hours and replies you by simply leaving a small text or via emoji.

Give feedback: Once you are completed with your work it is the time to ask your audience for the feedback. It helps you to know the things that you need to cut, improve and to make your report presentation better.


To make a better communication channel with your client it is essential to focus on the above factors while preparing a project report. You can also rely on task management portals that handle all the task related to your business effectively. Such platforms enable your team to work together effortlessly and help your business to produce effective project status reports that help you to keep track on your team performance.