How many of you stay motivated while working on the project? Well, most of the project manager feel excited and full of energy during the initial stage of the project but slowly the energy begins to diminish if the project takes too long to end. Generally, the whole task involves to-do list, marking the completed task and delivering the whole project on-time. A long stretch in a project is often challenging even for the most experienced project manager. So whether you are managing an IT project with the delivery date that marks two years after or working on any delayed project it is quite challenging to stay motivated. For being productive, it is therefore essential to look for the creative ways that help in better engagement and in enhancing performance at a high-level.

Here, we have enlisted some of the top ways of staying motivated especially while working on never-ending projects.

Top Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated

  1. Focus on Achieving Small Targets: For the successful accomplishment of lengthy projects, it is good to break the task into smaller parts. Assign each fragment of a task to your team each day with the estimated deadline. This help in better management and completion of required task list without facing many issues. Also, it helps you in tracking your project progress and in fulfillment of the client's need in a better way.
  2. Align your project with business goals: The long-running projects which have been in progress often found to lose connection with its original goal and objectives. To align your project goals with business goals, it is good to study the project schedule and to monitor the task completed and enlisting the task left to be done with their respective goals and delivery dates. Doing this will help you in staying up to date and in building better communication, updates and in reworking on the project plan.
  3. Cross-task off your list: Since much tasks of the projects depend on various decision and confirmations to be made on the part of the customer end. In such a case, it is tempting to rework on existing project task rather than being idle. If some of your tasks do not need any update or improvement, mark them as done and focus on the further project need to find something that is essential to be done for successful delivery of the project.
  4. Reassess your goals: If your project halts, it is good to review your career goals and job commitments. Doing so always proves to be fruitful and in inspiring you and your team to move your project ahead. It also helps you to cross off some goals, update the existing one and can use some information left unseen previously to complete the desired task. If your project faces some kind of issues then it best to pen down your goals and experience that you tend to gain by working on such projects. This reduces your frustration and motivates to further approach towards your marked goals.
  5. Keep your team member challenged: As a project manager it is one of your duty to analyze your team's mood and behavior while working on assign task. You can do so by asking questions and by assigning a task that challenges them and prepares them for the next level.
  6. Long projects do have ending date: When you are in the middle of a big project then it often seems to be difficult to ever come out of the challenges. At that point motivate you and your team by redirecting towards a positive direction. Viewing your project challenge as a new way to learn, grow and develop will boost your energy and offer you the best ever experience.


So while working on the lengthy projects resist you and your team from falling into the chasm and to continuously motivating you and your team for moving forward by facing every challenge with a good hope of attaining heights. Use every new day to learn and consider every existing possibility a new way to develop and enhance your skills. You can also make the best use of reliable project management software to track your project status and mark its progress.