"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."

What all responsibilities does a project manager hold? Having good years of experience and knowledge is enough for organizational growth? Or there are some other responsibilities of a project manager? Yes, there are a lot of other things which a project manager must be aware of while he is leading a team and managing a project.

An ideal project manager is the one who just not considers what is best for an individual but analyzes what is best for the entire team, thus leading towards the project's success.

Project managers role in team performance

In any case, if the project managers aren't serious enough, it certainly affects the entire team. Thus resulting in falling performance, delayed project deliveries, unhappy customers, the quality & budget gets threatened, and a lot more. So, the team performance simply lies in the project managers hands and they need to deal with it smartly. 

Out of all the project managers out there, hardly any of them bothers about the actual team performance and they simply focus on completing projects one after the other. But it is important to work upon team performance if you are looking for long term success of your organization. So, here is a list of things which can help the project managers to uplift the team performance of your organization.

Address the problem directly without hesitation

If you feel that a team member isn't working up to the expectations, talk to him personally instead of arranging the entire team meeting. You need to discuss the areas where he lacks, ask the reason, and know if they need any guidance or resources for the same. Simply pointing him out in a group might not be a good idea, so discuss the things accordingly and tackle the problems smartly.

Give the team member a chance to improve

If a team member has failed to hit a target, give him another chance to improve. In the next project, monitor his performance and even remind him before hitting the deadline. This method is very helpful to improve team performance instead of directly firing the employee when he fails to reach a target.

Escalate the issue to the supervisor

Even after your efforts and team member's serious involvement you feel it's useless, approach the team member's supervisor and discuss the case. He/she can help you out about how to handle this situation and decide whether that team member is fit for that project or not.

Give feedbacks/listen to feedbacks

Falling performance of a team member has only two main reasons- either due to some external factors or simply he/she is careless and nonserious about their work. Discuss with them if they have any personal problem or they have some issues in the workplace, this will give a clue what the real problem is. And if they seem to have no solid problem, you need to approach the senior supervisor.

Wrapping Up

On the whole, there are many few cases where project managers are unable to tackle the team issues, so you need to put more efforts into the team performance other than your usual tasks. Moreover, you can go for an ideal project management software which can streamline your routine tasks and make things simpler for your staff.

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