Everyone among you has used Microsoft Excel at one point or the other. There is no doubt that it is one of the most widely used spreadsheet programs. But do you think it is the right way to be used to manage and record the project details? If you are relying completely on an excel sheet for advanced project management then you might be in trouble? Although it has few strengths all those strengths is overshadowed by the number of weaknesses. It is, therefore, become necessary to choose the reliable project management software to manage the project in an effective way right from the beginning.

To clear my point, I have enlisted some of the top reason that justifies why excel is not an effective way to be used for project management.

Why Excel is Not An Effective Way For Project Management

  • Limited Insights: Since working on a single project demand the contribution of multiple people at one time and then the coordination among them. But is it possible to maintain the long excel sheet and then loading it to share it with other team members? Might be! But the process consumes a lot of time and might contain errors. With the effective project management implementation, it becomes easy to share details, update status, and to know the next step. Thus, it becomes easy to meet deadlines and to work in a better way.
  • Poor Time Management: Any project you work upon, it demands the creation of a list of tasks and subtasks. Doing such things on the Excel sheet is time-consuming and can lead to frustration. This often leads to more difficult when you are asked to work on a large amount of data. Choosing the project management software save you from such workload, as it would be helpful in creating the task in a seamless manner thus saves the precious hours.
  • Decreased Productivity: Although the excel sheet can record details, it is not useful in building effective communication between the team members. Updating the team about the changes with manual method not assure the effective transfer of the message. With an effective project management tool, it would be possible to share every single detail that is required to build up the team performance and to enhance their productivity.
  • Lack of high-level summaries: To build an effective way to help your seniors to know the updates and status of the project that is required to present to the client it becomes very important to look for the way other than excel sheet. The management dashboard is the best solution that offers broader picture view and reports thus help you and your manager to be transparent with every detail with the client.
  • Creates Confusion: Excel is not the solution to the problem. It is only the way to add data but does not offer any way to share it with others in real-time. Every team member maintains own excel sheet that often leads to confusion.

Bring the Change With Project Management Software

Upgrading your organization and moving from excel to project management system helps in bringing a huge difference in the productivity of your team. This helps in reducing the errors and workload of every team member thus enhancing the overall productivity. Also, the software helps in knowing their role and help them to fully engage in their work in an effective manner.

Move ahead and enhance productivity of your organization by implementing the smart technology based project management software. You can learn more about the product features and price at our website. Also, you can contact our team to learn more about how the tool functions.