The growth and success that your company achieves are greatly dependent on its employees' efficiency. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to implement tools and methods to increases the productivity level of your employees. Time is an important factor to consider when we talk about efficiency. An employee is considered efficient if he executes a task in the assigned amount of time. Time Tracking Software is one of the most effective tools that help you track your employees' work progress and improves their capability through managed work schedule.

Time Tracking Software is a tool used to track project time, schedules tasks and manages employees' daily routine. This software helps the managers and project co-ordinators to assign projects to their subordinates with specified time and enables them to track the project progress. Also, it helps you to know what every employee at your organization does and how much time does he take to execute one project. It offers a seamless way to organize the workflow in a better and relevant way giving rise to a stimulating work environment.

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Features of Time Monitoring Software

  • Automatic Time Tracking: This software has an impressive feature of tracking task time. There is a tracker that runs along with a task and states the time taken by the employee to execute that task. Employees can know their work speed and improve it if required. Moreover, it allows project managers to assign tasks to their team members with specified time and helps them to keep track of the work done by their team. Team Leads can check from how long the employee is working on a particular project
  • Priority: The time monitoring software enables the project managers to assign tasks to their team members stating the priority level of the task. They can mark the tasks on high, medium or low priority levels so that employees know the right order to perform their daily tasks. This facilitates a smooth work environment in the office.
  • Task Planning: This software helps the managers to plan a weekly schedule for their team members. They can plan tasks and assign them to their subordinates on a prior basis. If the team leader has to take a day off, he can assign the projects to his teammates and ensure continuous work progress. Also, it helps you to plan extra official activities like seminars, fun sessions, meetings, etc.
  • Divide large projects into sub-projects: Many times a project comes that requires work done from more than one department. This software enables you to divide a major project into multiple minor projects and assign them to the employees according to their specialization. It allows you to organize the overall project execution in a better way and take stress and pressure off employees to execute the project.
  • Task Scheduling: It enables the project managers to schedule future tasks for their subordinates in order to maintain the workflow in the organization. You can schedule tasks along with assigning the project deadlines before the starting date of the project.
  • Indicates Delayed Tasks: This software helps the employees to maintain their work speed as all the tasks running, in progress, delayed or pending are shown on the dashboard. It allows employees to plan their work accordingly.
  • Progress Report: The project leaders or managers can track the project progress anytime through this software. Also, it generates a weekly project progress report for the management to keep track of the work status.

Benefits of Implementing Time Tracking Software

  • Increase Productivity: Time management plays an important role in improving the productivity of an employee. This software organizes and manages tasks for the employees in a very efficient manner which in turn increases the productivity of the whole organization.
  • Promote Workplace Transparency: Every work done by the employee would be justified by this software. It gives rise to transparency since every assigned and executed task is recorded and can be monitored by the management.
  • Improve the accuracy of your deadlines: This software helps the team to meet the project deadlines effectively. The deadlines are stated at the time of assigning the projects to the team. It helps them in planning their work according to the time limit.
  • Empower employees: The software empowers employees and enables them to justify their work routine. It allows them to manage their work properly.

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Get the Most Efficient Time Tracking Software For Your Firm

We can sum up by saying that time-tracking software enables you and your staff to reach the determined goals easily. It facilitates better work management and enhances the work speed of employees. You can automate the work tracking process at your company by implementing the most vigorous time monitoring software by jiPanel. We offer you the most spontaneous and competent software to foster the growth of your business and employees.