HR is an important part of the organization, but they do not gain much recognition or appreciation for their work. They are thought to be actively involved in the company’s matter, but in doing so they are only trying to offer the best services to the company. They are expected to make a fair decision among all the employees and that makes their job role something different and disliked by many.

But the HR team and manager play a very significant role in defining the company’s success and progress. They hire team, look after employees issue, manage employee data and reports to offer the right benefits, appraisals, and promotions to the deserving one. Doing all this is not as easy as it seems to be. On the other side, managing all this tough task manually is even more tedious. It is therefore important to look for the best time tracking software that would help HR in creating a fair report of every single employee in the organization.

The Need for Time Tracking Software For Managing HR Task

The HR department takes care of so many things like Hiring, Firing, Payroll Benefits, and Compensation, Building and Maintaining Employee Relation. Also, they have to be active in checking that all the policies and processes in the company comply with the labor law. Whether yours is a small or big firm it is important for the HR to take proper care of all the major task in order to uplift the company’s growth and progress.

The time tracking software helps them to simplify the work that helps them to be more productive thus help the company in gaining more talented professionals.

Features to Look for in a Time Management Software

Having software simply means, centralizing all the important data at one place. From employee attendance to leave management, payroll and work schedule is all needed to be taken care of. The software help HR in keeping their workflow smooth and effective.

Here are some of the top features that one must look for while choosing a time tracking solutions for HR:

  • Always look for a Free Trial: Since the increasing demand of the software has made the market rich with a number of vendors as well. This makes it difficult to choose the right service provider for availing services. To make the choice simple, it is good to try the free trials of all the software you come across during research. This will let you select the best solution to run your HR operations.

  • Hassle-free Time Tracking: Choosing the time tracking software that simplifies your work is the primary objective. Obviously, if you have made up your mind to invest in the software then you must be looking forward with the benefits that can help you in saving time. Make sure the software you choose to provide the hassle-free functioning and offer a seamless way to work and manage. Prefer the one that automates your maximum task thus helps you in saving your time.

  • Mobile and Desktop App: Make sure that the software not only has defined features but is also user-friendly. It is best to have the time tracking software having both desktop and mobile app that enable an employee to access its features conveniently.

  • Attendance Tracker: Make sure the software has attendance tracker that records all the attendance details of the employees at one place. This saves time and reduces the work pressure of HR. So make your attendance management task paperless by choosing the highly efficient time tracking software. This helps you in gaining knowledge of the employee who remains on leave or is regular. This helps you in defining a proper increment and bonus a the time in the near future.

  • Payroll Management: Payroll management is simplified with time tracking software. It helps in counting the number of days the employee worked in the firm and hence helps the HR in calculating the pay of every single employee at the end of each month.


With Time Tracking Software, HR is able to be more productive in their job. The software automates almost all the task thus help them in working more efficiently. Choose the best software by making the list of all essential features that you need to make your task easy.

To get the best tool for HR management in your organization, get in touch with our team and seek the right suggestion. We offer the best and customized software solution that fits best according to your needs.