Working on the project and finding it difficult to track the time spent on performing a particular task? With the work schedule software, it becomes easy for you not only to track the progress of the task but also the time spent by each team member on performing a particular task.

Scheduling a work or task in project management is all about enlisting the activities, deliverables, and milestones with the start and finish date of the task, duration of the project, and resources available for each of the activities.

The effective scheduling of tasks plays a crucial role in successful time management while working on a particular project. It covers the six different processes as mentioned below:

        # Planning and Scheduling Management

        # Defining Project Activities

        # Sequencing Activities

        # Estimating Resources

        # Estimating Durations

        # Developing the Project Schedule

How to Schedule Work Using Project Management Software?

Generally, a project management software covers three main types of schedules namely;

      1. Master Project Schedule: It simplifies the list of tasks with the timeline or according to the project calendar.

      2. Milestone Schedule or Summary Schedule: It tracks the major milestones of the project and key deliverables of the project.

     3. Detailed Project Schedules: It identifies and tracks every project activity thus help in tracking every single detail of the project that helps in tracking every important task involved in the project.

While choosing a scheduling software pick the one that creates different views from the same schedule. Also, the software must summarize the detailed scheduled chart prepared using the software. This helps in presenting the same schedule in a different format depending upon the level of details that are required to target the audience.

Benefits of Work Scheduling in the Project Management Software

The software is beneficial in many ways and helps the project manager to keep track of every single information of the project. Some of the major benefits of the work schedule using the project management software are:

       # Helps in tracking, reporting and communicating progress.

     # Enable the project manager that every member of the team is on the same page of tasks, dependencies, and deadlines

       # It helps in highlighting issues and concerns like the lack of resources and other important data and information.

       # It helps in identifying the task relationship.

       # Helps in monitoring the progress and identifying issues as early as possible.

Know the Best Tips for Creating The Solid Project Schedule

The time management and work schedule using the project management software helps in identifying the key steps that are involved in creating a project schedule. But for the efficient use of the software, it is essential to identify tasks, resources, dependencies, and durations.

Refer Past Projects: Review the work and other similar projects done by you and your team. It will help you in understanding the scope and requirement and time estimation of the current project in your hand.

Include Project Milestones: Marking milestones play another important role in managing the project and completing it on time. It helps in creating a summary schedule, reporting to executives, and identifying problems at the early stage.

Consider non-workout time: The work schedule helps in highlighting the vacations and holidays thus keep you aware of the days on which your team would not be available for work.

Define the important path of the project: It helps in identifying the important path of the project that helps in prioritizing the task and in allocating resources to the most important tasks in the project.

Record Scheduling Assumptions: It makes a clear justification for the time being allocated to the particular member of the team based on the complexity of the task and experience of the employee.

Analyzes Risk Beforehand: It helps in identifying the factors that can pose threat and risks of staying on the project thus help you in adopting and implementing the risk management efforts.


If you are looking for the project management software that helps in scheduling the task and prioritizing the work then make sure that you make a list of things that you want to accomplish with the software.

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