When a business first starts, manual timesheets are easy to manage. But, as time goes and companies develop in size, timesheets become an issue. And you know time management is an important part of any business. Although many business owners don’t look to grasp this concept. They plunge into the trap of investing less time in how they pay out their time and more time to find out the ways to make utilize of their money for increasing profit margins. However the income levels are necessary, the efficiency of employees must never be undervalued.

You can’t improve what you don’t inspect!!

Time is Money in the business WORLD!

That’ why if you add-on the system like time tracking software, you can dramatically cut off your bottom line. Before you think whether time management software would be a good investment for your company, let us take an account; What is your workforce doing right now? Who is on phone call with a customer ? And who is looking at their Facebook account or streaming videos on YouTube?

Most of the business globally reach to expand the scope and profitability of their company. But giving unlimited access to your employees can be a double-edged sword if you don’t have any stem to monitor them while they are on the lock. In general, we can say, when you are paying them real money out of your pocket, you can be much assured whether you are getting the productivity.

Here Time Management and Tracking Software Come into Play!

Time tracking software helps you to track the time spent on particular tasks and projects by the employees. It is a complete solution for creating schedules and logging hours. You can manage holiday requests, absences, and payroll along with many additional functions. This, in turn, helps you to boost productivity and provides you  real-time insights for making better decisions.

Have A Look On The Features of Time Tracking Software

1. Online Invoicing

 This feature is useful for companies that require to bill clients per hour or minutes. It tracks all the working hours with accuracy as well as automatically makes billing as per your settings such as time, amount and many more. As a result, you can easily send an invoice with transparency to the clients. It’s a great time saver for SMB’s as it measures the wage calculations. However, your employees only need to check-in and check out; their time will be captured on a timesheet and it will helpful during payroll.

2. Reporting & Analytics

With just one click, you can easily generate reports and summaries for analyzing the information associated with tasks. For illustration, you can check the time payout on a particular project or task. You can even get weekly or daily stats of the tasks and employees for assessing the performance of teams. The reports are visualized in the Gantt chart and graphs. This leads to a quick review and comparison for making decisions.

3. Versatile Timesheets

Through this module, you will get detailed timesheets that will cut down  your team management time. With a centralized dashboard, you can even breakdown every employee's hours given by the client and simplify the time management of every project. What’s more, even export your reports in CSV, PDF and other formats easily.

4. Time Tracking

This module has core functionality that starts and stops working, from the second you turn on the computer to the minute you switch it off in the real-time. There can be no manual data entries and calculates productivity automatically for you. You can easily track on which tasks or projects your team is working and it displays the total time spent. Moreover, it helps project coordinators and team leads to deliver the projects within deadlines.

Wrapping Up

In the nutshell, it can be concluded that time tracking can make you more focused and committed to what you execute. You and your employees will learn how to value time and get more output from it. However, every time management software in the market promise to enhance the ability of companies for managing the staff effectively.

How Does One Can Make A Solid Choice?

The value, as well as functionality, will be high on the requirement lists. So, don’t make your decision on the price tag. Make sure to verify records and find out what past clients say about your selected product. If you want your business to be successful, you must take a well-informed decision. After all, it is a huge investment in the future for optimal use of resources and business growth. Do you have any queries, Want to know more? Get in touch with us. We provide user-friendly and robust time tracking software that you can implement in your company for better results.