To reach a Final Destination one needs to set the Initial MILESTONE and those that will lead to the final success. Enterprises have been creating NO Goals and ultimately not complete projects. Then, no matter you are an expert if your organization does not follow proper Project Management System Software to complete projects if you do not ensure timely delivery the reputation will go down in front of your clientele. 

The basis of each project is the Milestone. Milestone helps invoice the project and make the project reach its final success point. Let us discover what a milestone is:

What is the Milestone in a Project Management System?

Milestone is the key to the whole project management. They are set during the planning phase of the project and the whole project timeline is based on the milestone. All major tasks and events are tracked by setting milestones for a project that are mainly divided into the following categories:

1. Date of Starting and Finishing

2. Budget Check

3. External and Internal Review

4. Tests and Inspection

Milestone mainly decides What is to be Completed, What has been Completed, When has the work been Completed, and When the Work Due will be Completed. It controls all activities that are important for project completion. Project Milestone is the key area in the Project Management Software important to frame Project Timeline.

Importance of Project Milestone in the framing of the Project Timeline:

  • Project Scope: The first step in the framing of the Project Timeline through a Project Management Software is to create a Project Scope Statement. It includes Key Deliverables, Necessary Resources, High-level Requirements, Assumptions, Constraints, Criterion, Funds, and Cost-benefit Analysis. 
  • Work Structure: As we move on to frame a Project Timeline, we frame a To-do list based on the preset Milestones. The Work Structure is broken down into deliverable bits of work, that can be completed in the set timeframe. This work needs to be developed in a manageable schedule of work that can be assigned in order to measure the progress of the resource.
  • Determine Dependencies: While one task is dependant on the other tasks finalization, Task Dependencies are to carefully measured to optimally utilize the available resource. For Example: If a design needs to be implemented in content, the content needs to be ready for the design to process. All the works/tasks can be managed carefully with the help of Project Management Software for a seamless flow of work.
  • Determine Constraints: All points that act as a hindrance to the project like; Commitment to Clients, Tight Budget and Timeline, Limited Resources and Regulation need to be determined well in advance for the smooth working of the project. The Project Manager will then work a way around the limitation to successfully deliver the project.
  • Time Management: While we have broken down the work in bits and parts to be handed over to the concerned resources, time for each task needs to be specified. This can be done by discussing with the experienced staff in that department to ensure the smooth working of the organization.
  • Availability of Resources: All the tasks have been assigned to the available resources in the organization. Now the project manager must ensure and confirm the availability of certain specific resources important for the smooth working of the project.
  • Identify Important Tasks: The purpose of the milestone is to be able to track the project from start to end. There is a need for the project manager to keep track of the important tasks and track their performance till the time they are finished. 
  • Build a Project Timeline: Creating a full-fledged time frame with the help of the project management software to finally start and load the success of the project. Further, you can track employee tasks, timeframe and the efficiency of the personnel.

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Summing Up

Milestone has key importance in the working of the Project Timeline so created in the Project Management Software. The whole project tasks and determinations are dependent on the key milestones, the urgency of a milestone, constraints that come with the milestones and the time boundary of a milestone. This is hence analyzed to set a timeline for the project and work towards the successful completion of the project.