Our entire life spins around time! 

Time management is the most crucial and delicate aspect for one in whatever terms. Be it in personal life, educational life, business life, or anywhere, time management plays a key role in our everyday lives. And that's why people must respect time instead of regretting afterward. 

However, in the business world, time is truly an asset just like those of capital and resources, as there, afterward-regretting can bring loads of losses and crises. 

Yes, we’ve been utilizing the timers and time clocks for ages, but today, most of us are frequently shifting to time tracking software to tackle the tight spots of our businesses and to bring the employees to work with the right time. 

Now, before we light, let’s clarify and know what “Time Tracking Software” is...

Time Tracking Software is a set of tools that enables employees and employers to record total working and non-working hours spent on particular tasks and projects. It is a desktop software or a mobile application that handles the complete working hours on one's fingertips without any dilemma and blunders. 

This time tracking software comes with some of its robust and automated features that suit all types of businesses from start-ups to well-rooted ones. The software makes a perfect world in your business doings by allowing employees to happily track time which further helps the managers to easily see and analyze what their people are working on and how much time is taken by each of them. 

It is truly a comprehensive suite to aid the company running with a seamless and flawless workflow. Let's understand its features more in-depth, so continue with the blog...

Know The Importance Of Reliable Time Tracking Data

Whatever the business you own, the key aspect to run it better is the accuracy. So if your data is correct and reliable, the business will organically run well. And this comes with accurate time tracking data. 

With incorrect time tracking data, your customers and clients will no longer stomach the data that trouble them in their further accomplishments. Also, there come times when your employees and team will complain about all the night-ups and weekends they’re working on due to the non-reliable time-tracking data. 

Therefore, by using a robust and well-suited time tracking software as per your company's needs and necessities, you will get reliable and accurate time tracking data. It will benefit you with:

  • Showing your clients precisely how much genuine time and push their tasks or projects relish.
  • Checking whether your employees are paying too much time on tasks and jobs that don’t bear project upshots.
  • Analyzing who’s working on what, and how long for, this will make you adjust records and keep projects rolling on time.

Top Key Benefits Of Time Tracking Software

The time tracking software as mentioned above has some of its robust features that benefit the business in any terms. The features like- tracking time, tracking billable hours, taking screenshots of the employee’s device screen, analytics, and reporting. 

Now let's have a closure, in what ways these features advantage the teams and employers...

1. Handles Projects 

By digesting well all your project information based in real-time, the time tracking software accordingly manages the projects. It aids the employers and team to improve evaluations and control costs in real-time. It is overall an essential tool that enhances the complete project management. 

2. Better Productivity 

The time tracking software communicates exactly what’s lagging you down and how you get abstracted. Thus the software is there to help you to mark particular and operational inabilities. By knowing that everything’s being caught will do miracles to lock your productive focus and this will lead to good productivity in your overall business. 

3. Improves Billing 

It is another one crucial benefit of optimizing the client's bill. By tracking and recording the actual time spend on a particular project or job, you can bill the clients accordingly and productively. This handy time tracking software by billing exactly for the work done save you from spending extra.  

4. Track Hidden Tasks 

This automated time tracking software catches tasks that usually quit unreported, like client calls, project information, task management, meetings, and off-shore conferences. Thus, the time tracking software detects all such invisible tasks and move them on the table.  

5. Allows Accurate Snap-shots & Predictions 

This comprehensive suite by analyzing the past data of real-time paid on every task will enable the teams to enhance their capacity to evaluate tasks and projects plus coordinate workflows. It allows them to instantly create accurate forecasts and internal snap-shots, that guarantees the maximum productivity for any further tasks or projects. 


To conclude, the Time Tracking Software is truly a way to boost and elevate your workflow, productivity and to increase efficiencies. With its accurate insights, it reveals key workable metrics that often remain hidden. Also, the mentioned-above benefits and more such perks will save you from the cost of hidden or inaccurate data that can bring crisis and bad impacts on the whole team. So, now without wasting more time, call your project time tracking software TODAY! And if you are looking for it, jiPanel would be an ideal option for you. 
It is a collaborative time tracking software that helps companies of all sizes to run and manage their projects at their best in real-time. 

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