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Why Excel Cannot Work As Your Project Management Tool?

  • Admin
  • 20 Aug 2019
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Everyone among you has used Microsoft Excel at one point or the other. There is no doubt that it is one of the most widely used spreadsheet programs. But do you think it is the right way to be used to manage and record the project details? If you are relying completely on an excel sheet for advanced project management then you might be in trouble? Although it has few strengths all those strengths is overshadowed by the number of weaknesses. It is, therefore, become necessary to choose the reliable project management soft...

Importance of Internal Messaging Software For Effective Communication In a Firm

  • Admin
  • 08 Aug 2019
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One of the major factors that hamper the work efficiency in an organization is a huge communication barrier between the employees and the various levels of management. The communication flow in a firm greatly affects the work environment and the quality of the services. If your employee does not have an effective and fast means to communicate with you over a professional or a personal matter, then you need to check the functionality of your work system. Many companies have taken the help of technology to overcome this problem....

Role of Time Tracking in Project Management

  • Admin
  • 02 Aug 2019
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When you start a project, what are your initial strategies? Do you make plans and a detail list of activities? Do you follow the time pattern or just assign the task and forget? What strategies do you use to produce reports? How you analyze the performance of your team? Do you still rely on the manual way to meet your goals? If yes, then you stand far away from success and accomplishments. Here we are with better solutions and strategies that not only help in the proper management of your project but will also reap fruitful...

Reap the Best Benefit From Your Project Management Software

  • Gurdeep Kaur
  • 22 Jul 2019
  • News

Do you use a project management software? Does the current software help you in achieving your goals? If you are unable to reap the best benefit from your the tool, then get to know the ways of improving your current project management strategies. The best and ideal project management system helps in effective communication that enable the team to perform efficiently. But before moving ahead with the tips of how you can achieve more with the software, it is good to find answers to the questions like what do your project tasks i...

Here is The Secret to Uplift Your Team Performance

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." What all responsibilities does a project manager hold? Having good years of experience and knowledge is enough for organizational growth? Or there are some other responsibilities of a project manager? Yes, there are a lot of other things which a project manager must be aware of while he is leading a team and managing a project. An ideal project manager is the one who just not considers what is be...

How to Increase the Project Team Effectiveness

It's a saying that Project Management is a combination of Science and Art. The project manager is a  “right” combination of experience, knowledge, leadership, and soft skills. Whenever the group of project managers sits together, what all things do they discuss? Which project are you working upon, when will the project complete, is the testing process complete, and so on. These discussions often lead to various conclusions which include topics like better team productivity, efficiency, time management,...

How To Stay Motivated While Working On A Never Ending Project

How many of you stay motivated while working on the project? Well, most of the project manager feel excited and full of energy during the initial stage of the project but slowly the energy begins to diminish if the project takes too long to end. Generally, the whole task involves to-do list, marking the completed task and delivering the whole project on-time. A long stretch in a project is often challenging even for the most experienced project manager. So whether you are managing an IT project with the delivery date that marks two years after or working on any de...

Tips To Handle Your Team Projects Without Losing Your Mind

Are you being assigned the responsibility of project manager for the first time? Becoming a project manager for the first time is an amazing experience. But a project manager has to handle multiple tasks at one time and need little practice to manage the whole team successfully. An ideal project manager is the one who handles his own team and manages the project without losing his mind. Here we have discussed some tips that help the project manager to manage and implement the project without losing mind and help them to complete the journey without failure....

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