All The Features That Work For You

jiPanel is a project management system to simplify today’s complex workplace.

Project Management

  • Manages an unlimited number of projects simultaneously
  • Manages the activities of several team members for a streamlined workflow

Task and Time Tracking

  • Easy and quick management of multiple tasks
  • Perfect option for professionals who bill the clients on an hourly basis

Milestones and invoices

  • Breakdown of the project into milestones
  • Generates invoices and sends them to clients as scheduled

Internal Messaging

  • Allows users to communicate within the system
  • Appropriate for online communication while working

Reports and Support

  • Detailed view of the progress for all projects
  • Provision of information related to expenses, sales, purchase requests, etc

Wiki Documents

  • Creates wiki documents for the use of the authorized users
  • Provides relevant, useful, and up-to-date content


  • Prioritizes tasks as per urgency
  • Sorts a diverse set of tasks in order of importance

Reviewing And Scaling

  • Measures the overall performance from start to end
  • Scales according to your organization's growth

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