All The Features That Work For You

jiPanel is a project management system for today's complex workplace, especially for organizations.

Project Management

It manages an unlimited number of projects for a various number of teams to streamline the workflow.

Task and Time Tracking

It allows users to record the time spent on tasks. It is used for professionals who bill their customers on an hourly basis.

Milestones and invoices

 jiPanel allows you to send all kind of messages: from simple email newsletters to complex campaigns addressed to thousands of subscribers.

Internal Messaging

It allows users to communicate with the system. It is also beneficial for online communication while working.

Reports and Support

 jiPanel provides the information related to your expenses/sales, purchase request, yearly balance sheet, employees in/out etc.

Wiki Documents

 jiPanel allows you to create wiki documents which can be used by the authorized users and create content that is relevant, useful, and up-to-date.